Ranters of Mow Cop

Ranters of Mow Cop

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

Just appeared: My 21st Century Evangelicals Research programme web page

Academic friends and those with an interest in research on evangelicalism in the UK will be pleased to know that (at last) I have archived and put together in a single web page portal all the findings, publication and resources from the 21st Century Evangelicals Research programme on which I worked from 2011 -2016 with you guys.. Do have a browse and bookmark it if it is helpful.

And to summarize the findings on a lighter note

I am the very model of a modern evangelical.

With Apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan

I am the very model of a modern evangelical .

My beliefs and practices may look pretty fundamental

Our worship band is loud though their praise songs are unsingable

I love the word of God but my reading's just occasional

on a smartphone Bible app that my gran finds too technological

My sense of church belonging's increasingly ecumenical

I tend to charismatic and definitely not denominational

I like small groups and all things that simply are relational

My prayers are JUST – a tiny bit liturgical

Outreach to unbelievers is mostly ALPHAbetical

My doctrine of atonement is becoming controversial

and my social justice action's making me look rather radical

around food banks, refugees and the crisis environmental

though I don't need that with eschatology pre-millenial

but I often get confused now the world is multi-cultural

Our love's a hot potato when society's so sexual

though I hope Love wins and salvation's universal

though I fear that saying that will make me quite heretical

While the global church is growing at a speed that's just unmeasurable

and the minorities are bringing us fresh insights theological

while Americans are becoming idolatrously political

and embarrassing we Brits with their label "evangelical"

giving meanings to the E -word that sound like hypocritical

So maybe it is time to ditch the Bebbington quadrilateral

to seek to reinstate the GOOD news in our gospel. 

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