Ranters of Mow Cop

Ranters of Mow Cop

Friday, 24 April 2015

I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Appreciation Society


I think I've become addicted to the Facebook Group of the I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Appreciation Society  https://www.facebook.com/groups/ISIHAC/


Here are my contributions to the late arrivals at the Londoners' Ball


  • From North London.. she's a real bruiser Tough Nell Park    
  • Bowling along there the Irish cricketer Ken Ington O'val   
  • And the noble batsman Lord Stjohn Wood        
  • Mr Neymarshes and his journalist son known as Hack          
  • The rodent operative from old Chinatown.. Chou En Limehouse       
  • Mr n Mrs N Treeheath n their daughter Becca
  • From docklands please welcome Mr & Mrs Ertown and their daughter Silv with her imaginary friend the Wool Witch Fairy          
  • With their medical bags in hand Victoria, Albert and Sir Rey.. they must be some of the Royal docs
  • I don't know who those three are ..Ah yes one's Ted Park
  • And the other two must be his conjoined twin brothers Wes-Tam     


my contributions to the beauty queens at various carnivals


  • the embezzlers' carnival had Miss Appropriate         

  • the French translators/ carnival had Miss De Meaner
  • the pessimists carnival queen was always Miss E Rable       

  • At the Coroners' Carnival 
  • spectators suffered death by Miss Adventure. This the police found a complete Miss Teree  
  • the catholic priests carnival had Miss Al (though the Vatican covered it up for years)
  • and the ornithologists (or Itchy Twitchers) had Miss Le Thrush




Aches and Kale

Brie Then in a Moat.

Our van in Oman Ah!

Rigid Bones Dairy

The Mystery Han

The Tray of the Dyffydds

Chic Blouse by D'arles Chickens

A sad mummers dream night



News headlines from 1536


Tenpin News -- Last strike spells end of the Boleyn Annie

Blackpool Gazzette ... Bloody end to Hen Party




Dangerous sports with insects


  • Pond skaters
  • Golf caddies flies lava
  • Jolly hockey stick insects
  • Rugby leech
  • Gymnas ticks
  • Whore Netball



Late arrivals at the medical ball


Mr and Mrs Beticcoma and their Welsh son Dai

Followed by his Chinese friend In Su Lin

From the judge's bench M'lud Transfusion. He'll send you to the red cells

Ms N marrow - transplant and her latest Beau

And her cousins Kia and Mo Therapy

From France via Ireland Mrs De O'therapy and her husband Ray

Seven members of the Boat race crew with their Cox Yx who has suffered a stroke

Master Ramedic and his aged Pa

Mr Urgency and his ward Emma

Ms. NColagist and her favourite Guy

Ms Greenstick-Fracture and her ex Ray

The ostomy bag regiment and their senior officer Col. etc..

Mr & Mrs Neystone and their little kid



Late arrivals at the USA ball


  • It may be hot in Texas but gal keep that vest on for decency's sake
  • From north of 49th parallel.. Mr Pegg and his poohy wife Winnie
  • Chief Native American B... in an earlier state known as Indian A
  • and now the Pitts (elder and younger) both munching burgers
  • Here come the Getty's .and the Burgers.. but they are late because we gave the wrong address

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