Ranters of Mow Cop

Ranters of Mow Cop

Thursday, 16 April 2015

My new paper Faith, Progressive Localism & the Hol(e)y Welfare Safety

New e-book series takes on key debates on religion in public life
What role does religion play in modern British society? What are the key debates in religion and public life? How should we begin to explore them? Temple Tracts is a series of seven short and accessible e-books offering engaging analysis, case studies and discussions on contemporary concerns for religion and society.
Researcher Greg Smith has spent 40 years working in urban mission and community development. Launching the series, Smith's pre-election analysis of the British welfare system takes a candid look at the role of faith-based organisations, asking how and why these groups have tried to plug service gaps. Faith, Progressive Localism & the Hol(e)y Welfare Safety Net explores the relationship between Local Authorities and faith-based service providers, combining revealing case studies from the North West of England with strong theoretical analysis.

Find out more and download for just £2.99 from williamtemplefoundation.org.uk/temple-tracts

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Coming Soon

Mapping the Material: Religious Practices in Changing Times By John Atherton and John Reader

No Faith in Equality & Diversity: Church, Sexuality & Gender By Hayley Matthews

God and MoneyBy Eve Poole

Christian-Muslim Relations in the UK By Philip Lewis and Charlotte Dando

Work, Leisure & The Good Life: A Trying Triangle By Ian Steedman and Arrigo Opocher

Religion, Social Policy and the Body By Tina Hearn